Engaging with Popular Culture – Part 2

Ted Turnau

Mon 25 Sep 2017

The Arts, media, creativity and popular culture have often been neglected by the Christian Church, if not scorned and avoided by many Christians. Much of culture has been viewed as sinful, in spite of it being created by people made in the image of God. So how do we view this culture around us, and does it have anything worthwhile to say to those who follow Jesus?

Ted is a college lecturer who teaches Cultural Studies and Religion in Prague, Czech Republic. He’s been interested for a long time in issues of popular culture, imagination, and how they relate to the Christian faith. He is married to Carolyn and they have three children, one of whom is graduated from college. Ted is the author of Popologetics, a book which brings the Bible to bear on popular culture and presses us to think about our biblical worldview.