Beth Grove
13th Feb 2017

We hear much about Islam these days. Some describe the religion as being about ‘peace’, yet we hear of Muslims who engage in terrible violence. Their beliefs and practices have influenced world events and continue to do so today. How do they view Jews and Christians, and what is their mission strategy? We may feel uncomfortable discussing faith issues with them, yet it is likely that increasingly we will encounter them, and work and live alongside them.

We hope to look, firstly, at Islam’s origins, its core beliefs and practices and how these affect our lives and the world today. Then we will consider how to confidently engage Muslims with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Beth Grove is the European Director of the Pfander Centre for Apologetics, a Christian research and teaching ministry equipping Christians worldwide to confidently engage Islam. She has lived among Muslim immigrant communities in London for 19 years, enjoying friendship and theological discussions with close Muslim friends from many nations. She has a master’s degree in Islamics, and currently teaches for the Pfander Centre, with whom she publicly engages Muslims on faith issues, so that they will be given the opportunity to hear about our Lord and Saviour.


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