Stephen Kneale
Wednesday 27 March

Historically, working-class people and weekly wage-earners formed  the core membership of many evangelical churches. However, today you will struggle to find many builders and plumbers in our congregations or find a thriving church in a deprived community local to you. How have we come to a point where large sections of society are almost invisible in our churches? Why have we got so few churches in more deprived areas? The uncomfortable answer lies in the idol we have made of comfort.

Stephen serves as pastor of Oldham Bethel Church, an FIEC and North West Partnership church in the Greater Manchester area where he has been since 2014. Steve is married to Rachel and they have two children.  Outside of church he enjoys discussing philosophy, politics and current affairs over ‘proper’ fresh ground coffee!  Steve also regularly blogs on issues related to church, theology, politics and society at