The 2018 programme

Paul, writing to the Corinthian Church, describes the situation that he and his friends were in. It was one of ‘great pressure, far beyond their ability to endure, so that they despaired of life itself.’ Paul also speaks about facing the daily pressure of his concern for all the churches. This was ‘besides everything else’. He felt a huge weight upon himself—an experience his companions shared, and which they all found way too much to bear.

Whilst we don’t want to be in such situations of intense pressure—the reality is that those pressures will come. They can come through personal, physical or mental difficulties; we can experience intense stress when expectations and workloads demand ever increasing amounts from us. The breakdown of family relationships, illness or waywardness of loved ones also bring their own hassles.  These, together with our desire to advance the kingdom of God and to be involved in the battle against sin mean that it’s true that we face trials of various kinds.

In this year’s programme we seek to encourage each other to stand firm against the pressures we face, whether it’s those to conform, back down, or give up! We want to be realistic about what our world is like and honest about what happens in our own lives as things get tough. With that in mind, we have tailored the seminars to address some key areas that might enable us ‘to stand our ground, and after we have done everything, to stand.’


£8 per person payable on the day – you can simply arrive on the day, but we do appreciate you notifying us that you’re attending. This is helpful for catering purposes. To let us know you’re coming, please contact Mike Peach (see details below).

Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome. These seminars are designed to be accessible to all. So, if you’re keen to grow, to think outside the box at times, and keen to know God better, then our hope is that you will benefit from this programme. Come along and join us!

Please pass these details on to anyone else who you think might benefit.

Programme for all the Seminars

9.30am – Coffee & registration
10.00am – First session
11.00am – Coffee break, muffins/cookies etc
11.30am – Second session, with time for Q&A
12.30pm – Finish

Finding Us

We meet at Cowplain Evangelical Church, Durley Avenue, Cowplain, Hampshire PO8 8XA. There is a ‘pay and display’ car park to the side of the church and free on-road parking in the area. Directions to the church are found below: