Our Vision

We aim to obey the Great Commission in sharing the evangelical reformed faith within the Solent region by fostering partnerships among existing works as well as training up leaders for the future.

Our Strategy

We wish to promote the Great Commission in the Solent area through:

Evangelical ministry seminars

The purpose of these is:

  • To encourage a better understanding of the Bible and to help us to accurately, urgently and relevantly communicate this to others, with a particular emphasis on preaching.
  • To draw together church pastors, leaders and those in regular word ministry to promote mutual friendship and gospel partnership.
  • To give practical help in dealing with significant issues of our day—including those concerning our mindset, our theology and our behaviour.
  • To draw from the past to engage, enlighten and encourage us in our churches today.
  • To help us be better equipped in making Christ known.

Training of apprentices

Bible teachers who rightly handle the Word of God are essential in today’s Church. Within the congregation, home group, children’s club, youth group and amongst the elderly—indeed wherever the Bible is taught—we need people who can teach God’s Word in the power of the Spirit. Partnership churches are already working to equip men and women to teach the Bible with greater confidence in their context.

Our Hope for the Future

We desire that under God, new Word centred ministries should be established across this area. It seems to be increasingly the case that people have to travel a fair distance to find a church that holds to the gospel, and that there are small towns and villages without a church that centres its work in explaining the Bible. It would be great to see churches arising in barren areas. There are a several ways in which this could be explored including:

  •  Revitalising struggling congregations.
  •  Planting gospel churches where there are none.

It is also our aspiration to look at the possibilities of providing joint training for the purposes of equipping future leaders—especially in developing people in situ in terms of their character, knowledge and Bible handling skills. This training could also include working with apprentices who wish to explore the possibility of full-time Bible teaching or pastoral ministry.

We are also hopeful that we will provide training mornings or days to help equip people in their life, work and ministry (for example, youth training events).